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"Manufacturing high-quality products with international standards together with sustainable development and delivering our goods on schedule with customer's satisfaction"


The core of Mitr Steel operations are professionalism and dependable expertise which connecting to advanced technology. This advantages us to be the main integrated steel solution service in Thailand that can deal effectively with customer satisfaction.

1. Steel Distributor
Mitr Steel can response domestically and internationally customer’s requirements by providing all kinds of steel, from raw materials to finished products. According to our distribution centre which founded in strategic location, we can transport our products to different places on time.Furthermore, we also deal our stocks with effective stock management in order to keep products safely and transport them to our customers in good time.

2. Steel Processing
Up to now the selection of construction material has been changed substantially which cause us to consider various steel processing with modern technology in order to support customer’s requirements.

3. Cold Forming Process
Because of our service that cover various kinds of products, we develop our production line continuously to support whole stocks for construction. Mitr Steel is equipped with comprehensive cold forming production lines to manufacture various types of general structural steel for construction.

4. Value added to our products
Mitr Steel, we strive constantly to add value to our existing
and future offerings whenever we can, relentlessly working on it worthwhile for customers to select our products and services. As our successful development of water based corrosion resistant coating system, we can make our productive coated steel pipes which be applied to our cold forming products. According to concern in environment, we can confirm that our systems are safe and eco-friendly which make no hazardous solid or volatile substances. This is evident in our genuine commitment to corporate environmental friendliness.

Steel solution with the highest standard quality