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Mitr Steel Company Limited is manufacturer and seller of
all steel products which principally in steel pipe manufacturer industry. The steel pipes are mostly used in the construction industry.

Spiral pipe manufacturing is one of our main products which has diameter up to 3500 millimeters. The spiral pipe applications are mostly related to construction and water pipeline. According to our high standard manufacture, we can produce standard spiral pipes which are authorized by Metropolitan Waterworks Authority, Provincial Waterworks Authority and Royal Irrigation Department of Thailand.

Under the trademark “MITR STEEL”, our products are largely categorized as follow

1. Structural Steel Pipes
Our structural steel pipes are manufactured from the hot
rolled steel coil. These products are used mainly in piping line and construction industry

2. Galvanized Steel Pipes
Mitr Steel’s galvanized steel pipes are produced by coating the black steel pipes with zinc in the hot dipped galvanized process. This advantages the steel pipes to be rust-free and corrosive protection. Diameter of our galvanized steel pipes can be applied same as the black steel pipes.

3. Spiral Welded Pipes
One of our main product, Spiral welded pipes, is manufactured from the hot rolled steel coil. This product usage is mainly involving in construction and water delivery line. Diameter of our spiral welded pipes are up to 3500 millimeter.

4. Bending Rolled Pipes
Our bending rolled pipes are manufacture from the hot rolled steel plate which pipe diameter can be produced up to 5000 millimeter.

Product by Usage

o Structural purpose
( Carbon Steel Pipes)

o Water Application
( Galvanized Steel Pipes)

Product by TYPE

o Steel Pipe
( Electric Resistance Welded Pipe )

o Large Diameter Pipe
( Spiral Welded Pipe/Bending Rolled Pipe )

o Others

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